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  1. Thanks for your efforts on your website. Read your piece in the Trib today. Your instructions regarding TMT and GMO are very clear and well developed.

    Again, thank you and I will be following you.

  2. Great work! When this GMO stuff came out I was on the fence. So I started researching. Now I am pro gmo and Have been talking to people and, hopefully, educating them to understanding that this anti gmo movement is a lot of fear mongering. Thanks also re TMT. I have always been for science, technology, education, and a progressive future for the big island. Born and raised here. It is disturbing that the anti-gmo, anti progress movement is at TMTs door. I wish TMT would just start building their telescope already. Gov Ige needs to just let them build. No laws broken by TMT. All this sacredness is just convenience on the part of protestors. Mauna Kea was never considered sacred. Sure, very pretty during sunrise but never sacred. I am burn and raised in Hilo. My family has been here for generations. . .both sides of the island. I think the protestors just live the attention and all this deans helps them to feel like they are special, important people. I really feel that this anti TMT thing us about their ego because Mauna Kea was never sacred. The Hawaiians I’d old used to quarry adze up there. If Mauna Kea was so sacred, then why did they engage in activities that actually physically damaged it? Quarrying does just that to a mountain. . .quarrying breaks down the mountain and do not preserve it. If so sacred, they would not be allowed to quarry. So I really believe that the protestors are a bunch of drama queens, seeking attention to feed their egos, using the word “sacred” out of convenience, conveniently declaring Mauna Kea sacred. The State government and officials, their political correctness in patronizing these protestors, are in reality doing great harm to the Community at large and great harm to TMT and the international scientific community. This needs to stop and TMT needs to get on with construction.

  3. Thank you again for your voice of reason.
    Would have enjoyed your take regarding the dust up during the court duel in Waimea last week. It seemed to be an opportunity for the left to show their stupid. There have been lots of them of late.
    You might check out Spell checker and Grammar checker by Ginger. It has helped me a lot.

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