I live in the beautiful paradise of Maui, Hawaii.  I have a lovely wife, Elvira (from Russia!), and 2 children, Blaze (6) and Brielle (2).  I am a libertarian activist, science advocate, and skeptical believer (the irony!).  Catch me on the web, where I can be found interviewing and confronting anti-GMO activists and woo peddlers from time to time!

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  1. I loved your letter to the editor this morning. Your sarcastic wit is so refreshing. And it’s especially inspirational to know you are doing this even though you must be independently wealthy from all the money that you receive from Monsanto.

    Keep up the good fight.

    A Friend,

    1. Thanks Rick, I just call it as I see it. I think we live in a world where people are afraid to discuss politics. I’m always ready for that! I find it to be much more entertaining than talking about football for some reason.

  2. Aloha kaua. Shortly after the beginning of this rancorous Mauna Kea protest and just as plenty of attention started to heap on the protesters’ movement I have been sought after for my opinion on the matter in hopes that I can deliver an explanation that bridges or at least explains the divide between Hawaiian culture and science – after all it would only be natural for me, being Native Hawaiian, a science teacher, AND being born and raised in Hilo Hawaii, to have the answer. When I read your article “Opposition To The TMT Is Based On New Age Anti-Science Activism” I did a little happy dance because of how eloquently you summed it up. In a nut-shell, I am 100% in accord with your perspective to the whole matter and was compelled to share it (entirely because of how well-written it is and I shamefully admit to being too lazy to reinvent the wheel). After reading that article I, being naturally curious, looked at your anti-GMO interviews on Youtube – once again I am in complete accord. Although we are sorely outnumbered It’s still refreshing to know that I am not the only Native Hawaiian adult that seeks out scientific truth. A few weeks ago I asked my students to share their opinions of GMO’s with me and then showed them how the technology works. After they saw how it worked I asked the same students if they still thought GMO’s were scary or if their opinions had changed – nearly all of their opinions changed. I just wanted to send you a big mahalo for being so courageous in the face of social isolation and to share my support. Me ke aloha pumehana.

  3. Aloha Bronson,
    I enjoyed reading your recent submission to Civil Beat. I am a 10th grade English teacher at Kealakehe High School on the Big Island. This quarter, we are embarking upon a project that requires us to consider solutions to a local environmental conflict. As would be expected, the TMT and GMOs will be at the forefront of our issues. I wondered if you would be willing or available to speak to our students and offer your unique perspective on these issues. We can be flexible on dates and times, but we’d be shooting for a date in Mid-May. Please let me know if you would be interested in helping to educate our amazing youth.

      1. Excellent! I don’t suppose you’ll be over on the Big Island next month… If that does occur, I know our students would really enjoy seeing you in person delivering a lecture. If not, then I think we could easily set up a Google Hangout or Skype for the kids to listen to you and ask questions. Do you have any dates/times that work better than others? Ideally, I’d like you to speak to my Period 1 class, which meets at 8:51 AM every morning except Thursday. Please let me know if this is agreeable to your schedule. Mahalo for your willingness to support education!

        1. I am trying to contact the TMT people to see if they will sponsor a trip for me to go out there. I want to go to the summit, interview some scientists and experts, perhaps some protesters, and also meet MJ Patino’s class at Kamehameha. I will let you know what happens.

          1. Excellent. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for you efforts to work with us 🙂

  4. My name is Tom Forbes. I am a born-and-raised resident of the Big Island. I have lived most of my life in Hilo. I read with great interest your article in the Hawaii Tribune Herald: ‘There is no ‘Hawaiian View’ on TMT. I had never even heard of you until reading that. But since then I have been checking out your website and videos. To be clear right away; I am not anti TMT, nor anti GMO. I support the clean and clear scientific approach to the reasons for and benefits of TMT and the safety of GMO. I cringe at the superstitious piety and authority proclaimed by the “anointed ones”. For the most part I am glad there is someone like you, fearless and knowledgeable, who is willing to challenge the pack.
    Can you hear a “but” coming?
    It’s in the delivery of that challenge. I have no problem with what your are saying. You cite resources and ask valid and appropriate questions,. So why are you turning people off? What happens when someone feels like he/she is cornered, flustered and cannot respond? They walk away mad. You lost them. You are not ahead. Now they are even more sure that you are wrong. It’s in the delivery. Do you come across as brash or arrogant? Whether you are or not that may be how you are perceived. Dr. Pang brought up the smirk on your face. He was right. Most people put up a wall and try to outdo you or just walk away from you. You are not afraid of that (and shouldn’t be). But again, you just lost someone. Something could be said for a more careful approach. I think about a different forum. Have I missed something? I don’t live on Maui so I might not be getting opportunities at other venues.
    I don’t want you to lose. I respect and appreciate you for what you do.
    When are you coming to the Big Island?

    1. My delivery has always left something to be desired. Basically my style is very polemical and I personally like it. Norman Finkelstein is one of my favorite historians because he is completely, 100% unconcerned with how people view him. Because they cannot factually dispute anything that he is saying,, instead they immediately resort to ad hominem attacks against his character.

      I’m sure I could influence a lot more people if I were willing to pander to their emotional biases and beliefs, but I consider that to be the problem in the first place. People are conditioned to believe that all opinions — especially theirs — are equal, when in fact that is not true. Opinionated people should feel compelled to defend their opinions at all times. There is NO opinion on this planet that should be given a free pass from rational scrutiny.

  5. Aloha Bronson and I just watched several of your videos. This is Hugh from Boss Frogs, just met u earlier today. I really enjoyed the videos. We share in not believing in bullshitting idiots and prefer to deal in fact. We need more of that, less herding in mass hysteria, and more personal accountability and real engagement on issues in our society. The blanket mentality today drives me nuts. Keep up the good work and u and your wife are welcome on my deck in Pukalani for drinks and smokes anytime to talk story pal. Mahalo, Hugh

  6. Mr. Kaahui:
    I was looking at your youtube channel and you make a lot good points in your views of Hawaii and the Native Hawaiian movement. Even though I am not a Hawaiian (I am from California) , I have taken an interest in what is happening in Hawaii. I hope you have more videos to clarifying the misinformation that has been put out in the media.

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