Diversity in all the wrong places…

The media seems to be in a love affair with the Muslim parents of a slain American soldier who died fighting in Iraq.  The main take away of the heart felt speech from the father of a dead soldier is not that war is terrible, or that we should be cautious about getting involved in Middle Eastern wars with no clear purpose or objective, but rather, that he was a MUSLIM soldier.  You see, according to the twisted logic of the Democratic party and their media lapdogs, aggressive war and invasion is perfectly okay so long as the occupying troops are being treated equally in the most superficial way possible.  It’s perfectly fine for the President of the United States to send young men and women to their deaths in a far away land with highly questionable benefits to the average American, so long as that president says nice things about gays or blacks or Muslims or transgender queers or “indigenous peoples” or latinos or (you get the picture).  So long as the government treats everyone’s life as equally valueless and expendable, it is morally defensible.

According to this logic, the real “qualification” to be president is not how good your judgement is when it comes to actual life or death decisions for people, but rather, your ability to carefully select your words before saying them.  That’s why an idiot like Donald Trump is easy to portray as the villain, because it offers a contrast to Hillary as the “moderate” and “sensible” alternative.  According to this narrative, savage and inhumane behavior is perfectly fine so long as it occurs out of sight and out of mind.  Does anyone here honestly believe that Hillary values the lives of these Muslims (or anyone for that matter) beyond their ability to help get her elected?  Does anyone really think she cares about all the Muslims we’ve killed in Iraq or Libya or Syria or any of the other wars she was cheering for?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the parents ought to be more angry at the government for starting a pointless war that their son died in than some reality television star talking shit about Muslims to increase his cheers and ratings.  Just saying!  I don’t think Donald Trump can really be blamed for your sons death, especially considering his position on the Iraq War (which you should probably agree with).


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