7 Things I learned from being involved in the GMO “debate”
Dinosaurs might be GMOs too, but that's ok because they are all-natural GMOs

The controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms is perhaps one of the most polarizing issues of the decade.  People from all walks…

Open Challenge to Anti-GMO Activists — Debate Any Time

Last week I called into the Majority Report with Sam Seder.  Originally I was answering his Open Challenge to Libertarians,…

Right to Know or Right to Impose?
Anti-GMO activists explain the real goal of GMO labeling

As I have previously written, anti-GMO activists have an evidence problem with their semi-religious belief that genetically modified organisms are dangerous….

Anti-GMO activists rely on fear and ignorance to promote their beliefs.
Uninformed people often get their information from Facebook Memes such as this one

Anti-GMO activists have a problem, and that problem is a complete and total lack of evidence for their outrageous claims…

“Science is racist, colonialist, and militarist.”
Sacred Temple Mauna Kea, also a popular snowboarding spot

This is a response to an article written in The Hawaii Independent by David Maile,  As I have previously written,…

Possible solution to the TMT issue?
A commoner is sacrificed, probably for a stupid reason

I ran into my friend Stanley (homeless guy across the street) today, and we had an interesting conversation about the…

Opposition to the TMT is based upon new age anti-science activism
An example of "cultural knowledge" being patently false

Here is my submission to Civil Beat, I would like to elaborate more in the comment section because there is…

How to destroy an anti-GMO organization
Science vs Pseudoscience

I love trolling idiots.  Don’t get me wrong, as a libertarian, I do not believe in all these arbitrary little…

Senator Russel Ruderman says Golden Rice doesn’t exist
Same anti-science nonsense, different issue.

For those of you who don’t know, Senator Russel Ruderman is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture.   Senator…

Confronting Vandana Shiva in Honolulu
Hundreds of thousands for "celebrity speakers," zero money for testing their crackpot theories on GMOs.

As you probably know, Vandana Shiva is here in Hawaii touring the islands on her “Home Rule Tour.”  This dog and…

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